Crescent Ring. Named for obvious reasons, this is a 14K Gold freeform ring. This ring is made in our studio using the lost wax casting method, from a wax pattern. The ring size is 6 3/4
14K Yellow Gold Freeform Ring. The ring is a lost wax casting, cast and finished here in our studio. This ring is a size a 7.
Silver Floral band. This ring is investment cast using the lost wax casting method; it originated from a carved wax. After casting the ring, I antique the lower portions and then polish all the high spots for a real nice antiqued affect. The ring is a size 8.
Sterling Silver Bar Ring. I call this the bar ring. No it doesn't hang out at the local pub. It gets it's name because the design has four bars across the top each parallel to each other. The ring is lost wax cast in Sterling Silver and polished to a very high sheen. This ring has been received very well at local and regional art shows here in the upper Midwest. This ring is a size 9 1/2.