Blue Grass Gold & Silver...

Vahan G. Bedeian, Goldsmith & Jeweler

Methods & Techniques:
I design and make Silver & Gold jewelry using both the lost wax method and fabrication. The fabrication of different forms of silver such as sheet, wire of all shapes and silver. Findings are used with precious and semi precious stones. The stones are both faceted, cabochons and beads. With these methods and materials I create Rings, Pendants, Earrings, Bracelets & Cast Charms.

Brief Bio:
My interest in Jewelry began with lapidary and beadwork in the early seventies. The cutting of gemstones eventually led to Silversmithing as a way of showing or displaying the stones. These became Rings, Pendants, Earrings and other wearable art.

As I am a self taught Silver and Goldsmith, my creative process, personal style and skills evolved slowly at first. My vocation in jewelry making really took off when I received a special invitation to show at the Thieves Market Art Fair at the University of Iowa in 1977. After that first art fair, I began doing more and more juried art shows, with the proceeds going to buy more equipment. Several years later I began experimenting with wax carving and the lost wax casting method. This allowed me start using Gold and eventually designing matching wedding bands, rings, charms and other jewelry to be cast in both Silver and Gold.


Vicki L. Bedeian, Knit/Beaded & Sterling Silver Chain Jewelry Artisan

About the Artist:
Vicki Bedeian has been interested in arts and crafts her entire life, experimenting with fiber arts, knitting, sewing and beaded jewelry. In recent years she has combined knitting with wire and glass beads to create unique women’s wearable art as well as traditional chain maille pieces. Besides her own work she has spent years assisting her husband, local gold and silversmith Vahan G. Bedeian, at local and regional juried art fairs. Her work can be found in several regional galleries and juried art fairs. Vicki lives and works out of her home studio in Blue Grass, Iowa. When she isn’t knitting bracelets she is busy tending to the animals on her five-acre hobby farm and spending quality time with her four grandchildren.

About the Process:
Vicki uses traditional knitting techniques applied to flexible coated copper wire. As she knits the glass beads are incorporated into the stitches. Wooden needles are required in order to properly work with the metal. Vicki’s color and design choices are inspired by the seasons and color patterns found in nature. Her more recent chain maille pieces are made of sterling silver rings wrapped, cut, and work hardened by her before they are weaved together in classic patterns to make exquisite necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.